Sunday, 17 January 2016


Raging Wind 


   The forest pushing down onto the bush    ragging wind warps around as the leafs fly    around. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My Life Isn't Complete

I was sitting on my computer playing video games at my  house in a Kuala Lumpur a tropical city on the weekend as usual it was summertime, I received a phone call from my mom st
ating that my uncle was dead. I  at first didn't believe my mother and I started asking questions then she got emotional my mom was in Syria because my parents were divorced I was unhappy already about that fact but then my uncle dies. I just felt like my life was nothing in Syria , I then tried to calm her down as well then I just stopped for a second and had a flashback in my mind, with all the things I have done with my uncle.

My uncle's name was Hesam he was 26 years of age. I knew him well enough I did everything with him. We went to drink smoothies together when I was in Syria. I saw him every week for sure,  some things I have done with him are like the time when we went into his car and drove and drifted(he was a risky man). I saw him as a older brother rather than a uncle. We had moments where we played with fireworks in front of the building. Also there were  moments  when we would pour water on the balcony and slide around. Then I suddenly got out of the flashback and I asked my mother how did he die? She told me that a person gave him a shipment of something to give to someone. The destination he was going to had a couple of checkpoints. It wasn't a safe destination. On the way he got pulled over but this checkpoint wasn't an army checkpoint it was a terrorist checkpoint. The terrorists screamed at everyone to get out of the vehicle and they shot them. One person escaped and told my mom that he got killed That was how my mom found out.
I personally think that the person that “escaped” was one of the terrorists who set up my uncle. But it was the worst moment in my life when I found out about my uncle’s death. I am now worried that my mom will be in danger because they are in the Syrian War. The video game was playing in the background as I could not bother to play because of how emotional I was.  Honestly I deeply felt like if I were to go back to Syria my life is not as complete as it would be.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tiny Story

Tiny Story

The aroma of basil and chile powder swirls through the kitchen and drifts into my nose. I’m cooking with talent.

Tiny Story For Reflection

Tiny Story

Draped in contemplation, Reflection steps into the community. He gets others to analyse their story and become with a better ending.

Depending on when you met me.

Depending on when you met me

Depending on when you met me I may have been a kid who just sat at home on the computer making games. I may of been a basketball player, A crazy person who trys new things like going down the staircase with a skateboard and then breaking my arm, The kid who deeply loved and cared about his family. I may also have been a chatterbox and a person who keeps talking and talking.